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To Whom it may concern,
People who hate Taiwan, if you hate the country so much why don't you leave? It's not like we want you there.
If you don't like our food, why don't you import the stuff American people eat so you can also be as obese as they are?
And yes, if you wanna get a prostitute for 10 bucks you can get those anywhere in the world (and I feel sorry for you because you cant get pussy without paying for it).
If you want to come to our country, please learn our fucking language, dont expect us to try to learn yours.
Politically, at least Taiwan didn't send troops to an innocent country and killed their people for oil.I think Japan should have invaded your country so it wouldn't fuck it up so much. America, the land of the obese, the stupid and hollywood. Thank you for causing war to satisfy your countries weapon manufacturing industry.

Oh, and by the way, we manufacture all the machinery for the US satellites.

Yours Truly,
A Taiwanese




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