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[13] Myrtle Beach Sucks

I'm so frustrated that I even came to this annoying, fat stretch of beach land. The place is called "The Grand Strand", thus meaning it is notable for having no real features other than a large line of sand. This mediocrity expands to the people themselves, sunburned and pissed, coming from god-knows-where to beat their children and to try and find some peace in their miserable, backwards lives. Now, considering that most, if not all, of the people who live here now came from that pool, you begin to understand why this place sucks so much.

They destroyed most of the natural beauty of this area with condos, the only remaining spots being completely inaccessible, private, or golf courses in the work.

If you have to come here, just keep going and head to Charleston. Go some place with some culture, some excitement, and some actual beauty.



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