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[881] Taiwanese women sucks - [mature content] Quite a climax of negative energy at one of the friendliest and safest places in the world, in one point I agree: there is no paradise on earth. ...
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[177] Taiwanese women sucks - [mature content] I mean most of them, aging 20~28 a bunch of whores who don't appreciate how well they were treated sincerely, they don't give shit about ethics th...
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[96] my cock - [mature content] i love my cock.and so will you. its huge
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[88] wow -  I just took a pee on a tree. and got put in jail. they say it was under age...she told me she was a tree not a sapling.
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[57] the perfect man -  why is it that the perfect guy cant have sex for more than two minutes come on!!!!! You cant ever get the whole package
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